A New Hidden Gem on the Island

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A New Hidden Gem on the Island

Randy and I made a day trip up to the north end of the island to see exceptionally large waves that had been reported. As it turned out, the waves seemed to have reached the island of Oahu and stopped, for the ones we saw were only a few feet. However, our adventure turned out great.

We found a small state park that we had not previously visited, Lapakahi State Park. It is the ruins of an ancient Hawaiian settlement of fishermen and farmers. It was originally settled in the 1300’s. The location is exquisite, right on the waterfront with beautiful little coves. There is a two mile trail throug the grounds with a self-guiding brochure available. Most of the artifacts are original with a few restorations.

The other part of the adventure that was so great was that it was a wonderful whale watching day. All along the west coast, we could see whales. We must have spotted 40-50. We stopped at several good spots to watch and picnic.

This day trip made us realize just how easy it is for our guests at the Leilani Bed and Breakfast to experience wonderful day trips. The island is big, but not so big that you can’t explore beautiful, remote places on the other end of the island in a leisurely day trip!

Keep in mind that the whale watching season in Hawaii is from Nov – March, with the best possibilities in the middle of those months.

Happy travels to all.
Lynn VanLeeuwen

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