“Historic” Home Site

Off the beaten path, Leilani Bed & Breakfast caters to the adventure traveler visiting the Big Island who wants comfortable, relaxing and affordable accommodations and the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the southern end of the Big Island. Vacationers no longer have to feel rushed when traveling between Kona and Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and further to Hilo. The Leilani Bed & Breakfast offers a beautiful and luxurious park-like retreat for seeing this “other side” of paradise.

The personality of this “hidden treasure” estate is set by the rock construction of the house, giving it a rustic look and feel among tropical gardens, green lawns, ohi’a-lehua trees and fantastic volcanic formations. The property borders on 3 huge lava tubes (pukas), a rare sight for those who love the beauty of nature, and have a special interest in geology.

This home was built by one of the first “settlers” in the area. The land was purchased sight unseen off a match book cover back in the late 1950’s, right around the time the islands became the 50th state in the US. As such, there wasn’t any infrastructure in this area. The area residents, including the owners and builders of our home, helped to pave the roads, build a community center, and build the town fire station. In keeping with that pioneering spirit, this property was built to be very self-sufficient by modern terms.