Every beach on the big island has its own personality. And there are many.

Here are ones near Leilani Bed and Breakfast which our guests frequent.


South Point Tide-pool

This is located about a half mile to the northeast of the navigation light at the southern most point of the USA! – It is a short walk or 4-wheel drive to this little area. If you are already in the South Point area, seeing the sights,  you can visit this small white sand beach with a good size tide pool. It is great for kids, except at high tide when it tends to fill.

While down at South Point you will see the more adventurous diving off the cliffs or into the blow holes. It is fun to watch, but for the faint of heart. You will not see anyone swimming near the point for a very valid reason. It is too dangerous.

Green Sand Beach

When down at Southpoint, the sparkling Green Sand Beach is only 2-1/4 miles northeast of the boat launch.The new parking lot is

Most people walk to the beach. Some drive a 4WD vehicle. And now you may even take advantage of a ride offer from a local and hear a little “talk story” about the area as well.

The beach is an anomaly with crystals of olivine, and a fascinating place to visit and have a swim. A “must do outing” while staying at Leilani Bed and Breakfast!

Black Sand Beach

At the 56 mile marker on Highway 11, about 25 minutes away, is Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. This is the easiest to access of the black sand beaches. You can drive right up – no hiking required.

It is frequented by sea turtles feeding on the limu that clings to the rocks in the bay. They are often seen “taking a rest” on the beach.

Visitors are asked to please not approach them in the water or on the beach and give them a wide birth. They are still a protected species and there numbers are increasing as a result.

Road to the Sea

For those who rent a 4WD vehicle to see the Big Island, Road to the Sea is a great trip. At mile marker 79.3 is a 6 mile long dirt and rock road leading to two beaches. You can often have these beaches all to yourself, as a result.

These small black and green sand beaches are at the edge of a 250 year old lava flow, rendering the area seemingly raw and lifeless, yet alluring.

There is some shade at the back part of the northern of the two beaches. This beach also has a fresh water pool. The turn off to Road to the Sea is only minutes from your room at Leilani Bed and Breakfast in Hawaiian Ocean View Estates area.

Miloli’i Beach Park

This is an uncrowded beach to visit on a weekday. On the weekend, it is pretty much taken over with the activities of the local people.

There is not much sand, but their are facilities. There is a winding road down to the beach from mile marker 89 on Highway 11, just 11 miles north of Leilani Bed & Breakfast. This is considered by many the last traditional fishing village in Hawaii.

Honomalino Bay

On a crowded day there are only a few people on Honomalino Beach. It is a 20 minute walk from parking, at the end of the Miloli’i road. The trail goes over rocks, through a small stretch of water next to a breaker wall, and through a lovely tropical forest. You will pass one lovely lagoon, which is off limits, so just take a photo and walk on.

The beach is only about 100 yards long, but is lined with swaying coconut palm trees. Guests often spot a Hawaiian monk seal resting on the beach or frolicking in the water here. During the winter months, there can also be spinner dolphins and whales in this little bay.

Ho’okena Beach

This is a pretty black and white sand beach with picnic tables and shade trees. There is good snorkeling off to the left. The yellow billed cardinal, looking strikingly like a red headed bird wearing a tuxedo, will surely visit your site. This is about a half hour ride from Leilani Bed & Breakfast, with the turnoff road from Highway 11 at mile marker 101.5. You can drive right up to this beach, so it is a nice one to take beach chairs, cooler, etc. They often have snorkel gear and kayaks for rent on the beach.

Two Steps

 This is Randy and Lynn’s favorite snorkeling spot on the island with easy access. It is next to City of Refuge (Pu’uhonua O Honaunau). Snorkeling here is like snorkeling in an aquarium with so many different varieties of colorful fish. It is a rock entrance, but like its name, it is just like stepping down two steps into the water. You can come out the same place, or swim around the outcropping of rocks on the south end right up the old small boat ramp. There is a lot of fresh water springs flowing into this area, so the water is not clear as it mixes with the salt water, but its almost like getting a fresh water rinse on your way out.

The snorkeling and scuba diving here are said to be some of the best in the state when the conditions are good. It is a great spot for sunset picnics with lots of palm trees and barbeque facilities.



Leilani Bed and Breakfast is happy to loan beach towels, chairs, and a cooler to guests staying multiple nights. For snorkel gear, we suggest Snorkel Bob’s for the convenience. You can rent from them on any of our islands and return your gear on any island. They have a drop box system, so even if they are not open, you can drop off your gear. On this island they are located very close to the Kona airport, which is really convenient to pick up your gear on arrival and drop off before departure.


Weather conditions on the Big Island

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