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Enjoy spectacular whale watching on the Big Island of Hawaii

Did you know that Hawaii is the only place in the U.S. where humpbacks breed, calve, and nurse their young? As many as 10,000 humpback whales visit Hawaiian waters every year from November through early May. The waters around the Hawaiian Islands constitute one of the world’s most important habitats for the endangered North Pacific humpback whale. Additionally, other species visit year ’round.

Staying at Leilani Bed and Breakfast brings you, the traveler, to inexpensive whale watching opportunities on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is located close to four great areas to view magnificent whale shows from the shoreline:

  • Southpoint (the turn off road is just 8 miles away)
  • The scenic outlook on the cliffs above Whitington Beach (just 20 minutes away)
  • Whitington Beach Park – just sit back in your beach chair and watch whales breaching off the small bay
  • City of Refuge Bay – this is 25 miles north of our B&B, and many travelers are passing it on the way here.

For a closer encounter with whales, the staff at Leilani Bed and Breakfast can give you pointers on local boat excursions, charters, and tours.




Kula Kai Caverns

 Right here in Ocean View, only 2 miles from the Leilani Bed and Breakfast, Kula Kai Caverns offers a spectacular adventure inside a braided lava tube system. This is part of the renowned Kipuka Kanohina Cave System, 2nd longest lava tube cave system in the world.
Ongoing research here is providing greater insight of the earth’s evolving nature.
Their tours offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see subterranean environments of breathtaking beauty. A selection of tours are available, including a twilight tour, which can be done after a day of sightseeing elsewhere.
Call 808-929-9725 to make a reservation, or find out more at www.kulakaicaverns.com.



The southern most point of the USA! – In Hawaiian it is called Ka Lae. This is believed to be where the Hawaiians first landed and settled when coming to Hawaii. They landed here due to their navigation. They settled here due to the rich fishing grounds.

Most visitors stop at the viewpoint on Highway 11, trying to get a glimpse of Southpoint. Approximately 15 miles in the distance from there, it is difficult to see even on a clear day.

Guest of the Leilani Bed & Breakfast can be more leisurely and take that side trip down to the point, see the magnificent coastline, get a view of a local fishing technique using “kites”, and be able to say they were actually at the southern most point of the USA.


Bird watching is a treat

…at Leilani Bed and Breakfast. The owners enjoy taking time out from their busy schedule to watch the antics of the birds. They are not birding aficionados, but they do have quite a list of sightings on the property. Everyday visitors  include: northern cardinals, saffron finches, house finches and their orange variant, zebra dove and the spotted dove.

See Japanese white eye or ‘apapane honeycreeper feasting on the flowering trees. As you stroll through the grounds, you will join myna birds and our own pair of golden pacific plovers, who fly here from Alaska each fall to feast on our spacious fields, re-building their strength and growing their new mating plumage. They will fly back to Alaska in the spring ready to breed. They are being territorial and they will return here each spring. We frequently have kalij pheasants and there are also occasional sightings of wild turkeys. Opportunities abound to see many more species nearby in the unusual setting of the Manuka State Park




Hilo and Kona

The two major cities on the island, with all their individual attractions, are only 1-1/4 and 1 hour away respectively, in opposite directions.



Other Activities:


Massage – Indulge yourself!

Relax with a massage on vacation. We have a wonderful massage therapist here in Ocean View and we will be happy to assist you in making an appointment.



The Big Island of Hawaii is a wonderful place to get married. With all the energy of new land being created daily from the lava flow, it is a great place for new beginnings. At the Leilani Bed & Breakfast we have hosted a few truly magnificent, adventurous, and romantic weddings in one of our huge lava tubes. The grand entrance is graded flat, open to the sky, full of light, and surrounded on 3 sides with lava walls hosting beautiful orchids.

More commonly, people come here to get married on a beach. For your complete wedding arrangements here, or anywhere else on the Big Island, contact Weddings a la Heart or call Libby Kelson-Fulcher, D.D. at 808-322-3322. They cater to your every need in creating your personalized wedding.

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 Just Sit Back and Relax

Other activities you may enjoy while relaxing here are: stargazing, cooking on our covered barbecue,  reading a book out on the quiet lawn, socializing with other guests, lounging in our 900 sq. ft. enclosed garden lanai with a  waterfall, or watching satellite television in the privacy of your own room. For those who want to stay in touch with folks back home, you may hook up your laptop to our wireless internet connection. We invite you to make yourself at home!



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