Green Sand Beach-A Must Pu’u to See

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Leilani Bed and Breakfast is one of the few accommodations close to Green Sand Beach. In fact, it is a major attraction for many of guests. So here’s the scoop on this magnificent place.

Pu’u Mahana

In Hawaiian, it is called Pu’u Mahana. Pu’u means hill, or in this case cinder cone. Eroded by the sea, on one side, it forms a beautiful bay. The cone contains olivine, which eroded gives Green Sand Beach its beautiful color. One geologist who stayed with us said it is one of only two green sand beaches in the world. (Haven’t been able to verify that.) But in any case, it is truly rare.

Getting There

The beach is located just east of South Point (Ka Lae). To get there, drive 12 miles down South Point Road. At the end veer left (with the new road improvements, you actually go straight and South Point is now a right turn) and follow the road to a parking area. Locals will ask if you want a ride to the beach. The “donation” runs about $15 round trip per person. Previously very obliging, they now sometimes make you wait until the vehicle is full before taking off. I would negotiate that. You can also negotiate how long they will wait for you for your ride back. Some people walk one way, 2.25 miles from the gate, and ride one way. Some walk both ways. Experienced 4-wheel drivers take jeeps out there, though that would be negated by your rental agreement.

Tips for an enjoyable hike

If walking, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, hat, glasses, and good shoes. The hike to Green Sand Beach can be hot and sunny. It can also be very windy on certain days. If you want to walk only one way, pay attention to which way the wind is blowing,  and walk the way that the wind will be at your back. Follow trails close to the ocean. The vehicles go further inland for a smoother ride, but it is longer.

Is it worth the effort? Our guests answer with a resounding YES!