Planning a Hawaiian Honeymoon?

Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in Affordable Hawaii Vacation | 0 comments

The summer edition of “New York Magazine” contains an article on on what they call “once in a life-time road trips” for honeymooners. And among these 5 best places? The Big Island of Hawaii is top of the list! For each destination, they present a suggested itinerary. For the Big Island they recommend a day in Kona, and then using Leilani Bed and Breakfast as your base for two days, to explore this remote and exciting end of the island. We learned all of this from our guest honeymooners, who told us that they were doing the complete itinerary from the article, only taking twice as long to make the trip around the island. Their stay with us was 3 nights, and they felt the additional time above the recommended itinerary was well worth it.

The article suggests getting a 4-wheel drive vehicle to really explore the remote beauty of the island, but many manage with a regular vehicle, local transport at Green Sand beach, and hiking. You can read the entire online version of the published article here.

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