We at Leilani Bed and Breakfast feel very privileged to live on this beautiful island with many rare species of animals and plants. So we are always striving to lessen our impact on this environment and support the community in which we thrive.


Our Mission

To help travelers explore the wondrous paths through Hawaii, leaving no footprint behind.


Our Vision

To provide sustainable accommodations and services to our guests, generate respect for the interconnectedness of all life on the island, and have our guests depart feeling “one” with Hawaii.

In so doing, we promote sustainability and self-reliance in all our operations, and continually learn how to improve. For us, sustainability is triple-based, not only being stewards of the environment and community, but also have a thriving business and contributing to sound economic development for the island.


Our Values

Integrity, aloha, learning, comfort, and adventure


Our Sustainability Efforts

Our first sustainability initiatives involved doing what was needed, obvious, already in place or affordable at the time. Those first efforts included:

Acquiring used furniture

Purchasing fruits at farmer’s markets

Being on a water catchment system


Testing various marketing efforts


Next Steps


Our next steps were to look at the sustainability of our business more comprehensively and to develop a sustainable business model. This is when we realized we can be a true eco destination for tourists and local travelers alike. We transitioned from just going for the low-hanging fruit to going for a complete organizational change to create no only a sustainable business but a sustainable legacy as well. We also realized that to accomplish this we have to focus our resources on a few areas at a time. So we have established our initial set of critical success factors.


Critical Success Factors for Increasing Sustainability


Here we have identified our initial critical success factors in each of the three areas of creating triple-based profitability.


Financial and Economic

1. % Occupied rooms
2. Avg. net sale / room night
3. ROI



1. % Renewable energy
2. Sustainable supply chain
3. Avg. pounds of waste per room night


Community Support

1. 1% profits to local projects
2. 1% of occupancy to aligned causes
3. Air & auto carbon offsets


Currently we are working on specific and measurable methods of tracking each of these and setting our sustainable goals.  Intuitively we know we are doing well in at least three of these areas. Once we have worked out our methods, we will have a chart which will convey our progress.


In the meantime, we are focusing and making the most improvement in the areas of % of occupied rooms, sustainable supply chain, and occupancy to aligned causes. For the latter we have recently partnered with Hawaii  Wildlife Fund to offer tourist who volunteer through this organization to help with the cleanup of Hawaii Island Beaches  a free night stay at Leilani Bed and Breakfast. To learn more, see our specials. We hope to soon offer our guests carbon offsets for their air and auto travel as well. Although that is not part of our business, we feel it is an infrastructure that directly supports us and our clients, and so we need to support it in being more sustainable.


If you have any questions about leaving no footprint behind as you travel through our island, please contact us.