Ham Shack Package

For ham radio enthusiasts:

Visit this Hawaii B&B with a ham radio shack on site!

Make Leilani Bed and Breakfast your Big Island amateur radio vacation rental

This is the #1 DX operators’ bed and breakfast to stay at on the Big Island of Hawaii. This Big Island B&B with a ham radio shack on site is a quiet, relaxing place in paradise where you can experience real Hawaiian living. Stay in our unique island bed and breakfast with a rental QTH that has amateur radio equipment set up.

The Radio Shack contains the following equipment:

  • Icom 756 Pro111,with Icom SP20
  • Ameritron AL82 Full Legal Limit Amplifier
  • Comet GP-9  2m/440 vertical at 60feet
  • Yaesu G-2800DXA rotator, LDG 6 position coax switching
  • Heil Classic microphone mounted on a Heil topless boom
  • Heil BM-10 boomset, and
  • Heil foot switch.


  • Steppir 4 element yagi with 6m, 30m, & 40m.
  • Steppir  BigIR 111 Vertical 3.5 MHZ through 54.0 MHZ continuous coverage.
  • 40 Meter 4 Square

Equipment subject to change/upgrading. The property has lots of room, and tall trees and tower to put up any personal antenna that you prefer. We also have a Drake MN2700 long wire matching network.

Wireless internet also available on site.

Lots of possibilities!

Please call 808-929-7101 to set up a schedule to hear this station on the air.

Or bring your favorite radio gear along. We offer great hospitality and accommodations at this ham radio bed and breakfast.

Casual Ham Radio Usage:

During your stay at Leilani Bed and Breakfast any licensed ham radio operator may have use of the ham shack for casual use for up to one hour per day free of charge, based on availability at the time of use.

Our Ham Shack Package:

This package is designed for guests staying at the Leilani Bed and Breakfast who prefer dedicated use of our ham shack. You may reserve the use of the ham shack for your sole use as an upgrade to your reservation. At the moment, this package must be booked by phone or email. Online booking is coming soon. You may book for one or more days during your stay. Use of the ham shack is $150 per day for a single user on non-contesting days. For multiple users or contesting day bookings, please let us know your needs and we will provide a quote at 808-929-7101  or email us at info@leilanibedand breakfast.com.

DX in paradise!

With Big Island DX conditions and propagation, you can expand your log with new ham contacts from the Pacific Rim including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, China, and other exotic islands and from Europe as well! Because of the popularity of this desirable, remote area and the fact that it’s sparsely populated, you’ll find DXers chasing you! You won’t believe your ears when others respond once they realize you’re transmitting from Hawaii. DXing is a pleasure in paradise!




Of course, we’re happy to help you plan your sightseeing excursions as well. Our location is convenient to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, and we’re near great overlooks for whale watching on the Big Island. Randy is an avid deep-sea fisherman, so you can get all the sport and marlin fishing advice you need—and a few fish stories, too! 

And we invite you to read our blog for more trip ideas and happenings here.


What our ham guests say about Dxing at Leilani Bed and Breakfast:

While this vacation was not designed to be a DXpedition, the bonus of just having a well equipped ham shack
available made staying at the Leilani B&B worthwhile. For such amenities, including the ham shack
availability, the B&B is a real bargain. If you’re a ham and considering a vacation to Hawaii, be sure to book a
few nights at the Leilani. I guarantee you be well rewarded with the fun of being the DX station.
Wayne, AI9Q
Luther, KC7KVL

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KH6RC’s station really puts out an amazing signal. I did the 2009 CQWW SSB contest there and was astonished to get constant “you are 20 over” and “hey, you are 35 over” or “big signal” comments from the mainland USA. Really enjoyed the high rate pile-ups from zones 3, 4 and 5. A comfortable chair, good gear and big pile-up; what else would one wish for? Gotta do this again. Fun fun fun!

Esa, OH7WV

His contesting award speaks for itself!


 We really enjoyed working ham radio from here. It is a lot different than working in Colorado. …Thank you for helping us to get set up. (We) ended up just shy of 500 QSOs in the 3 day/nights of operating. (We got) 211 in one 15 meter run…Country count around 40. Not bad:). All our best.

73, Fred, K7SCX

Pat, K0DDD


Wonderful visit! You are gracious folks. Appreciate big signal and great station.

Ray, N4GYN


First contact on 14.300 Z001! Nice shack.



Thank you for the  wonderful stay. It was so much fun using your “Big Station”.

Johan, ON7HJA

Nicole, ON6NM


Great time in this amazing place and wonderful shack. Best 73!

Laurent, AA1LC/HB9EXP


Great time! I hope to be back again.

Carl, KI5SF


Thank you so much for your delicious hospitality. We spent a lovely time with you and after 8 days we are so sad to leave. We hope to come back to see you again in the future. MAHALO!!

Francesco, N0FUX

Roberta, IK0FUX


… I returned to Hawaii and was operational from the island of Hawaii [grid BK29cc] from February 26th – March 3d, 2015, and returned to the shack in Virginia on March 8th.

I operated from the B&B DX-vacation rental shack of Randy, KH6RC which has a fully equipped, world class, DX contest winning ham station adjacent to the B&B.  The Stepp-IR yagi and vertical plus the 40 meter 4-square are super antennas providing the ears and punch to the station.

Very nice and relaxing tropical B&B … wake up to doves cooing in the morning … hibiscus, tropical plants, and palm trees abound … gracious and cordial hosts … strategically located between Kona and Hilo … near the Volcano National Park and the southernmost point in the United States … black sand and green sand beaches nearby … free wi-fi





I had a wonderful ham radio contest experience at the Leilani Bed and Breakfast. Highly recommended.

73, N6MI.