We are on the whale watch

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in whale | 0 comments

Whale season is upon us again here on Hawaii Island. Friends of ours have spotted whales off Miloli’i already , about 10 miles to the north. We haven’t seen one yet, but on the look out, especially when we pass the overlook above Whittington Beach Park. This photo was taken there last year. And of course, just after my camera battery ran out of juice, a mom and baby were surfacing together and jumping in sync. It was so cute. Several years we have enjoyed Christmas by taking a picnic lunch to South Point, setting up our chairs, and watching the whales go by as we enjoy some seasonal dining treats. I have finished one series of whale paintings from ideas generated by my sightings last year, and hope to do another inspired by this year’s. They are so fascinating and magnificent!