What’s up with all the rain on Hawaii Island?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2015 in Affordable Hawaii Vacation | 0 comments

Yes, in this El Niño  year, Hawaii Island has been getting its fair share of rains. One after another, tropical storms have been parading past the whole island chain. Fortunately, none have landed and the storms from the outskirts of the whirling weather usually weaken by the time they affect us. Some flooding has occurred on other islands, but this island is still very young, with lots of surface lava to absorb the rains. Locals are impatient for the trade winds to return and reduce the humidity.

But we are also blessed with a magnificent greening of the island from all the rain, a great relief to the brown we have been experiencing after a couple of drought years. Last week, Randy and I traveled to the north end of the island, and for the first time we saw 5 volcanic mountains on a perfectly clear day with blue skies, and they were all GREEN – Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, the Kohala mountains, the Koloko mountains, and even Haleakala over on Mau was visible! In one spot, we could see all 5 mountains at the same time! It was breathtaking. And we get plenty of breathing space between showers to still enjoy the wonders of this island. Except for having to mow the lawn at Leilani Bed and Breakfast a lot, it has been a wonderful summer here on the Big Island. Hope many can come to see this amazing greening of the island while it lasts.